St. Joseph's Eng. Med. School, Cheriyanad.P.O, Chengannur Alappuzha Dist., Kerala - 689511

Our School

Located in the heart of Cheriyanad, Chengannur. The family is taken care by Missionary Sisters of St. Therese (MSST) Kollam. Established in the year 1978, the school has completed 34 years successfully, following ICSE syllabus, the outstanding educational programme that is sturdy in its academic aims, ingenious in its instructional approach.

A dream come true for a group of sisters, educationists, teachers and parents under the banner of Mary Matha Education Society, Kollam, with Rev. Mother Shanthi Antony as its present manager. The school is guided by the principle “Each child is the Unique Creation of god,” focusing on the preparation of students with competencies for a better tomorrow.

Our school helps the young to develop into upright, creative and loyal citizen’s imbibed with love and concern for the other, spiritual sensitivity a sense of personal freedom, liberty of thought and expression, quality of status and opportunity and fraternity assuring the dignity of each and every individual. It envisions enabling the young to develop into a holistic personality and contribute to the economic, social political an cultural progress of nation.

Our school stands as a crossroad in the realm of extracurricular pursuits for self-expression. The education here is not confined to the class room. The facilities provided here, offers a wide ranging activity programme possible for the children; through a variety of clubs Arts, Sports, Maths, Science, along with this, the school is grouped into four houses namely Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond, which further enhance their competitive sprit by unfolding and improving their intellectual, emotional social cultural, aesthetic, moral, physical, spiritual and religions capabilities.

The school has excellent infrastructure, well equipped laboratories and installed with Digi class facilities.
The students are free. If mind is free, then there will be space for the accommodation of values so that they can flourish and thrive. We provide a personalized care, family based environment, where right interests and attitudes and respect for the divine, for the environment and for others are fostered.

The school follows a co-education stream of education and has adapted English as a medium of education .Each month holds a theme here, which also forms a definition of JOSEPHITES.

June : Jovial
July : Openness
August : Self-confidence
September : Empathetic
October : Punctuality
November : Honesty
December : Innocence
January : Tolerance
February : Enthusiastic
March : Sociability


St. Joseph’s Eng. Med. School

Affiliated to the ICSE syllabus with affiliation number KE 108. The school imparts modern child centered, activity oriented methodology of education


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St. Joseph's Eng. Med. School
Cheriyanad.P.O, Chengannur
Alappuzha Dist., Kerala - 689511

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