St. Joseph's Eng. Med. School, Cheriyanad.P.O, Chengannur Alappuzha Dist., Kerala - 689511

Patron and Patrimony


St. Joseph is the patron and model of our school. St. Joseph (Hebrew “Yosef”) is an important figure in Christian belief as the husband of the Virgin Mary and the earthly father of Jesus Christ. He is an example of faith, hightousness, trust, in God’s providence and prompt obedience of God’s will. He shows that one’s dignity does not persist in social, political or economic stand but in ones inner integrity in being true to one’s own calling. St. Joseph teaches us that holiness need not catch the world’s attention; it consists rather in being lovingly truthful to the ordinary, family work, religious observance, the indications of circumstances and ‘God’ revelation. All the mysteries of suffering, the cross of labour followed him everywhere; with undaunted trust in divine providence, with complete dedication to the noble cause, with an unshakable determination to surmount any and every obstacle, Joseph lived as ‘protector’ to Jesus and Mary. St. Joseph, the guardian of the incarnate is the protector, guide and support of our school. The management, staff, parents, guardian and students must draw inspiration from him. The powerful intercession of the foster father of the redeemer is very clear in the development of the school in all aspects. Our patron saint provides us with splendid opportunity to recall the past with gratitude, the present with enthusiasm and to look at the future with hope. So let us pray homage to our patron.
St. Joseph’s Eng. Med. School

Affiliated to the ICSE syllabus with affiliation number KE 108. The school imparts modern child centered, activity oriented methodology of education


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St. Joseph's Eng. Med. School
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