St. Joseph's Eng. Med. School, Cheriyanad.P.O, Chengannur Alappuzha Dist., Kerala - 689511

Our Crest



The Crest of St. Joseph English Medium School got its shape in the year . The emblem upholds the motto of school which is “love and serve”.

The school has a self illustrative crest. As is evident , we can find in the crest ,a lighted lamp, a lily and a paddy, each of which signifies the destination rather a goal of the school…which is explained ahead

A lighted lamp: The lighted lamp signifies one of the school which is “radiating the light of perennial truth and wisdom to the seekers of knowledge which is indicated by light. The burning wick is also indicative of the readiness of the facilitators to burn themselves for the seekers of knowledge and thus radiate the light. The paddy and lily: It holds significance in bible ,finds the right place in the crest. The paddy stands for purity and protection from the negative energy that will block our path in attaining the goal.

Lily: It reminds us of our patron St. Joseph as it is known to be the symbol of his virtue and his holiness, as well as the real conversion of mind and heart.


St. Joseph’s Eng. Med. School

Affiliated to the ICSE syllabus with affiliation number KE 108. The school imparts modern child centered, activity oriented methodology of education


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St. Joseph's Eng. Med. School
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